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In Recipes on May 14, 2009 at 15:10


***Supper diem Soundtrack: Peter Broderick***

What do you do when you haven’t got all the ingredients for a specific dish? In this case I had some courgette that I wanted to use up, and that always hints at ratatouille to me. Unfortunately we didn’t have all the ingredients, so I ended up making something that was a hybrid between stew and ratatouille.



Half a courgette, sliced (£0.20)

Half an onion (£0.10)

Half a red pepper, finely sliced (£0.35)

Tin tomatoes (£0.30)

one small leek, cut into thick slices (£0.30)

two spring onions, chopped (£0.10)

can butterbeans (£0.30)

teaspoon bouillon

teaspoon dijon mustard

teaspoon mixed herbs

salt and pepper

Approx cost: £1.65



After prepping all the ingredients it was sauted bit by bit, starting with the onions, then the spring onions, before adding the leeks and red pepper. It is important not to saute the leeks for too long otherwise they will break up. Then add the tomatoes and the bouillon and simmer for a good 10 minutes until everything is nice and soft. Add the butterbeans, as well as the herbs and the salt and pepper, and maybe a bit of water it it’s getting too thick. I would have added some basil but we were fresh out. I added a teaspoon of mustard to give it a bit of a kick. Optional but I like it. Could have added some paprika maybe, and I had run out of garlic otherwise that would have joined the fun too. After another 10 or so minutes it’s ready. We didn’t have anything on the side, but we were having home made muffins for afters so it was important to save some pudding space!


Washing up count: pan, knife, spoons, chopping board = 4.

***supper diem***


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