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Four salad platter

In Recipes on May 12, 2009 at 14:32

salads 007

***Supper diem Soundtrack: School of Seven Bells***

This was an easy meal thrown together on a sunny weekend when we didn’t feel much like cooking.  Four different salads: potato pesto, cous cous with pepper and mushroom, chick pea with tomato and basil, and spicy mackerel.

Potato pesto was just some new potatoes diced and then cooked, left to cool, and then combined with the remnants of a jar of pesto and a jar of mayonnaise.

Cous cous was combined with sliced red pepper and sliced mushroom that had been cooked with some butter and garlic.

The chick peas were put together with some finely chopped tomato and basil, as well as a dressing of olive oil with a dash of cider vinegar.

The mackerel came from a tin, and was sauted with some red onion and two teaspoons of garam masala.

Served with a dollop of cottage cheese on the side as well…

This was a good meal for using up a mish mash of ingredients with minimal effort.  Plenty of washing up after though!

***supper diem***


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