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Frittata (for emptying the fridge)

In Recipes on April 25, 2009 at 19:17


We were planning sushi tonight, but time for making the rice ran out.  So having looked in the fridge and seen no obvious ‘dish’ I resorted to good old frittata.

It’s probably the easiest meal we’ve made so far, but hardest to photograph.  However you look at it, it doesn’t look good.  No matter though coz it’s tasty.



Half an onion, roughly chopped (8p)

4 Eggs (60p – came from a big box)

A handful of leftover new potatoes (boiled yesterday)

Aubergine, couple of inches, sliced thinly.

Courgette, quarter, sliced thinly.

Brocolli, around three florets, chopped.

Coriander leaves, two handfuls roughly chopped.

Yellow Pepper, half sliced roughly.

Tomato, chopped into big pieces.

Coriander seed, teaspoon.

Cumin seed, teaspoon.

Fenugreek seed, half a teaspoon.

Cardonom pods, three.

Chilli oil.

Sunflower oil.

Parmesan.  (If I had proper cheese I would have used instead, but desperate times call for parmesan)



I started by heating the spices in the pan (I used a griddle, not the best option, better to use a flat pan) and ground them up in the pestle and mortar once the coriander seeds started to pop.

Having chopped all the veg I started by frying the onion in some sunflower oil over a medium heat.  I then added the rest, a bit at a time, leaving the tomato and coriander leaf til the end.  I kept stirring until it all looked pretty cooked.  I then mixed up the eggs, poured them over and once they started to cook I grated over the parmesan and popped it under the grill for about 5 minutes.  Done. Simple as.


Washing up count: Griddle, Pestle and Mortar, 1 sharp knife, 1 wooden spoon, 1 plastic fish slice for serving, glass jug = 6.  Not bad at all.

***supper diem***


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