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Aromatic Salmon with New potatoes and broccoli

In Recipes on April 24, 2009 at 20:25

aromatic salmonAfter yesterday’s thai green curry we still had half a can of coconut milk in the fridge. Well, I’d put it into a little jug because my mum always said not to put tins in the fridge.  Was she right?  Anyway, I was looking for some recipes that had both coconut milk and salmon steak as key ingredients and found this. As we were only eating for two (unless the lady of the house has a secret…) I just halved the quantities.  That’s the sort of maths I can handle.

I like these all in one pot affairs, and so after checking we had all the ingredients got down to making it.  It was very simple to prepare, just a bit of slicing and…more slicing.  Then all in the pot, apart from the coconut milk which was combined with the juice of a lime and then poured over the other ingredients.  We didn’t have any mint so bought a little plant from Olympic Produce that will hopefully stretch to a few meals over the summer! Or mojitos for those cocktail fans.



Two salmon steaks (£2.20)

Chopped root ginger, about a teaspoonful (£0.20)

Clove of garlic (£0.01!?)

Three tomatoes, halved (£0.30)

Half a red chilli, finely chopped (actually free, courtesy of Albany Halal)

Half a yellow pepper, sliced (£0.30)

4 cardomom pods (I forgot to crush them…whoops)

Half a tin coconut milk (£0.30)


New potatoes, boiled (£0.40)

Broccoli, handful, steamed (£0.30)

Total cost: £4.00



Followed the method as described in the link above.  You will need an ovenproof dish with a lid.  Just boiled up the potatoes with a steamer on top with the broccoli in.  Easy peasy. I get a strange satisfaction from boiling potatoes and steaming broccoli on the same hob…saves energy anyway!  That said, this satisfaction soon ebbs away when faced with washing all the little bits of broccoli off the steamer.


Well, it turned out really well! The peppers and tomatoes really swelled with the flavours, and the thin sauce went well with the potatoes and brocolli.  The salmon wasn’t bad either!


Washing up count: Casserole dish, saucepan, steamer, chopping board, knife, peeler = 6.

***supper diem***


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