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Basa Fillet on a bed of wild rice and sautéd vegetables

In Recipes on April 20, 2009 at 21:29

Basa is a white river fish native to Vietnam.  I bought it from the fish counter in Sainsbury’s for £7.90/kg, which I thought was pretty reasonable.  Two substantial fillets came out at £2.09.  The rice and vegetables were just using up some things from the cupboard and fridge, so substitute for whatever you’ve got.  The mushrooms are a must though, and the herbs!


Ingredients. (Serves Two hungry mouths)

For the Fish:

Two Basa fillets (£2.10)

Lemon Juice (£0.40)

Salt and Pepper (£trace)

For the rice and vegetables:

Half a cup wild rice (£0.30)

Cup of water (£ree, kind of)

Handful broccoli florets, chopped (£0.30)

Third of a regular courgette (green, long variety!), sliced into strips (£0.20)

Handful of sliced red pepper (£0.25)

Three mushrooms (sliced) (£0.15)

Sunflower Oil (dash) (£…)

Creme fraiche (2 dessert spoons) (£0.30)

Herbs (thyme, sage, parsley – anything fresh to hand) (from the garden!)

Total cost: £4



Preheat the oven to 200°C

First drizzle some lemon juice over the fillets, and then season on each side with salt and pepper. Wrap in foil, making two separate parcels. Put in the oven, on a baking tray in case the juices leak, for 25-30 mins.

While they are baking, cook the rice. This is the method I follow (Delia’s I think…), use your own way if you prefer.  Splash a little oil into a saucepan and then add the rice, stirring until its coated.  Add a pinch of salt and the cup of water.  Give it a stir, put the lid on and bring it to the boil. Once it is boiling give it another stir and reduce to the lowest heat, with the lid on (although be careful it doesn’t boil over while the hob is cooling down!)

Chop your vegetables if you haven’t already, and add them to some heated oil in a wok or large frying pan.  Stir here and there to make sure everything gets cooked.

Just before you pull the fish out of the oven, add the now cooked rice to the pan of vegetables and stir to mix together.  Roughly chopped whatever herbs you have and add them to the mixture, along with a couple of spoons of creme fraiche, depending on how creamy you want it.  Try not the overdo it, so you let all the subtle flavours come out later.  Season and dish onto plates.

Take the fish out of the oven and carefully unwrap the foil parcels.  Using a fish slice to lift the fillets out onto your bed of rice, and then drizzle the juices over the top.  If you kept any herbs then add a sprig on top, and more black pepper if that’s what you like.

Nice with a glass of white wine…or even apple and blackcurrant squash.

If you have any of the rice and vegetables left over, they would make a tasty lunchtime snack.



No picture today, was eaten quicker than a flash…


Washing up count:  One saucepan, one wok, (baking tray should be clean if foil parcels didn’t leak), chopping board, knife, wooden spatula, wooden spoon, fish slice, dessert spoon. = 8.

***supper diem***


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