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Hotchpotch pollock salad

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pollock mess

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This was a bit of a mish-mash to say the least…plenty of protein though!


2 smoked pollock fillets (£1.67)
1 can borlotti beans (£0.30)

1 avocado (£0.50)

two tomatoes (£0.25)

spring onion (£0.05)

Approx cost: £2.80



Poach the pollock in some milk, gently, until it starts to flake.  Then drain.  Put into a bowl with the drained borlotti beans, chunks of tomato, avocado pieces, spring onion, and some salt and pepper.


Washing up count: One bowl, One knife, One pan, One chopping board = 4.

File under: experimental…


Sage and mustard trout on a bed of veg, with Citrus smoothie for dessert.

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trout and anya potatoes

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This meal was a response to the Guardian food blog post that encouraged readers to engage with their dinner for a fiver idea. The sage and mustard flavours go really well with the trout, and the potatoes and beans have their own chilli butter dressing. After some strong flavours with the fish the smoothie cleanses the palate with some subtle citrus, with an added zesty bite.

And it all comes in at less than £4 for two people which can’t be bad!



Trout: (£1.95)

2 trout fillets @ £1.67

teaspoon dijon mustard @ £0.10

2 teaspoons sage, chopped (free from the garden)

1 teaspoon mint, chopped (free from the garden)

half a lemon @ £0.13

good grind of pepper @ £0.05

Vegetables: (£1.03)

250g anya potatoes, sliced lengthways into 3-4 strips @ £0.25 (£1 for a 1kg bag)

100g dwarf green beans, trimmed @ £0.33 (a third of a £1 bag)

half a green chilli @ £0.15

teaspoon of capers, drained, @£0.15

25g butter @ £0.15

Smoothies: (£0.99)

one orange @ £0.30

one banana @ £0.25

half a lime @ £0.09

the rest of the lemon juice from above

half a cup of milk @ £0.10

half a cup of low fat yoghurt @£0.20

tablespoon of sugar £0.05

3 ice cubes, free!

Total Cost: £3.97



Make the coating for the trout using a teaspoon of mustard and the roughly chopped sage and mint. Add one squeeze of your lemon half, saving the rest for the smoothie. Also add a tablespoon of water and a grind of pepper. Taste and adjust water according to palate, but the hotter the better.

Prepare the vegetables and place in a steamer over a medium heat, and cook for 10 minutes.

Coat the trout with the sage and mustard mixture, before putting under a medium grill for 10 minutes.

While those are cooking also melt the butter in a pan with the finely chopped green chilli and capers. Keep warm.

Make the smoothie by combining all of the ingredients and blending together (I just used a hand held blender). Pour into serving glasses. Use a zester or fine grater to harvest some zest from the lime, lemon and orange peel and sprinkle on top. Place in the fridge until you are ready to eat it.

Once the vegetables are cooked arrange on your plate before drizzling on the chilli butter. Lay the trout fillet on top, adding another grind of pepper if you wish.

Easy peasy!


Washing up count: loads…

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Lentil and aubergine curry

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Lentil Curry

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So we still had half of that paneer left over from last week’s dinner…it was lying there in the fridge looking sorry for itself so I thought I would do the decent thing and cut it into small pieces before heating it up in a pan and then eating it.  It was its destiny.



1 Medium Aubergine, diced (£1.30)

75g paneer, cuboided (£0.70)

Half a red onion, finely chopped (£0.15)

3 cloves of garlic, crushed (£0.10)

1 red chill, finely chopped and deseeded (£0.20)

Half a cup of lentils (£0.25)

2 tsp cinammon (£0.10)

2 tsp cumin seeds (£0.10)

1 tsp fennel (£0.05)

1 tsp turmeric (£0.05)

1 tsp garam masala (£0.05)

1 tsp Bouillon powder (£0.05)

1 tbsp veg oil (£0.05)

half a cup long grain rice (£0.20)

mango chutney on the side (£0.20)

Approx cost: £3.55



Now some people think you should give the aubergine some serious preparation before using it in your dish, salting it to remove excess moisture and its underlying bitterness.  Well in this case I was in a rush so didn’t have time to do that, and thought that in a curry it would be okay, taking on the flavours of the spices.

After prepping the veg I started off with the garlic, then onions, and finally the chilli going into a some oil brought to a medium heat in a wok.  After a while they had softened and started to brown, so I added the cumin and fennel seeds.  In went the aubergine, and I admit it did look quite bitter, but that was to do with an unfortunate and embarassing incident that occured between us last week that I can’t go into.  After a few minutes I then stirred in the lentils, making sure they were well coated, before adding the teaspoon of bouillon.  I then added some water a little at a time, letting the lentils absorb the moisture before inundating them again.  I didn’t add all the water at once as sometimes this leads to the lentils losing their texture and the whole curry becoming quite stodgy.  When they had softened somewhat and were on their way to being cooked I added the diced paneer.  It won’t melt, it just softens a little and gives the dish another texture.

After it had cooked through for a while I added the rest of the spices and a little more water as it had started to dry out a little.  Like I said, better to hold back with the moisture until things have cooked and you know where you stand.

While the curry was finishing cooking I made the rice using the normal recipe, though I didn’t add any spices or flavourings like I sometimes do.

It turned out really well, the aubergine wasn’t bitter at all, although it had absorbed a little of the moisture.  It can handle a long cooking time it seems, as can the paneer, both holding their shape but giving a little in terms of tenderness.

Very tasty and all polished off without and leftovers, although there were slight seconds…


Washing up count: wok, two wooden spoons, chopping board, knife, teaspoon, tablespoon = 7.

***supper diem***